Frequently Asked Questions

We produce a wide range of Silversplints but it is possible you are looking for something specific. Please contact our team to arrange a meeting.

The software is suitable for small and large companies that want to register the orthoses digitally. It is possible to find a partner for the production yourself or to have it outsourced to Artus3D. We produce your products in high quality as a reliable partner.

We will schedule an online session of 30 minutes to show you what our software is capable of. In these 30 minutes we will discuss your needs and how Artus3D can help your company grow to the next level. 

The Artus3D Silver Starters Kit includes the brochure of our silver collection, a diameter-measurement toolset and printed measurement forms (also available as Digital PDF).

We have tested different materials for years and came to the conclusion to use different material for different stiffness. In our software you can select different stiffness when ordering your orthoses.

We support the most common industry standard extensions like STL, OBJ and WRL. The most software used with the Structure Sensor or hand scanners can export to these file extensions. Contact us for more information about our iPad App and directly import your client scans into our software.

With our Measurement Tool you can measure your clients fingers. By filling in the digital order form, we will take care of your production. With years of experience producing Silversplints we guarantee high quality products.