Hand ortheses

Artus3D's hand software is an all-in-one solution to producing hand orthoses, from 3Dscan to 3Dprint.


By means of clever algorithms, the process is fully automated. While it is possible to make adjustment any time, it is not necessary. Just keep clicking next!


At any moment during the process you can adjust the design according to the client's needs.

3D Scan

With the Artus3D Scan App you can scan the limb within 2 minutes. The scan will automatically be synchronized with the Artus3D Cloud, so it will be available for processing anywhere.

3D design

Creating the 3D orthoses requires 3 steps: cleaning, correcting and modelling. In each step the software make an automated proposal, which you can adjust.

3D Print

After 3D modelling you can either 3D print the model yourself, or order a 3D print directly from the software.

Fix scans

3D scans are often quite messy. The hand is upside down, full of holes and surrounded by noise. Our algorithm automatically extracts the hand and cleans up the mesh.

Correct scans

The software makes a proposal for corrections including smoothing, making the thumb circular and adding and subtracting volume locally. Adjust the proposal according to the client's needs.

Design orthoses

Based on a corrected scan the software will make a proposal for a 3D orthosis. WIth a few clicks you can pick a design and adjust the trims. Within minutes you have a 3D printable orthosis.


Artus3D supports their customers in advising which hardware to acquire and how to use the software. Additionally, Artus3D provides measurement forms for free.


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