Hand Orthosis Software and Production

Hand Orthosis Software and Production

From 3Dscan to 3Dprint​

Hand Orthosis Software and Production

Create the perfect fit for your customer with our Artus3D software. We are delivering an all-in-one solution for orthopedic companies.​

Smart algorithms ensure a fully automated process producing hand orthoses. Is there a need to make adjustments? This is still possible.​


Scan. Correct. Design. Order.



Scan Hand Orthosis Software

Make a 3D scan and import the raw scan into the software.



Auto Hand Orthosis Software

After importing the raw 3D scan the scan will be automatically optimized by the Artus3D software.



Correct Hand Orthosis Software

It is still possible to manually select regions on the hand and make corrections if necessary. There are 3 correction options: Volume, Flattening, Smoothing



Design Hand Orthosis Software

Based on the corrected scan, the software makes a proposal for a 3D hand orthosis. However, it is still possible to adjust the designs by moving the trim lines.



Order Hand Orthosis Software

After you are satisfied with the design, you can order directly trough Artus3D’s production service or you can export the design and printed yourself. 

Orthosis Software Features

State of the art algorithm

Our in-house developed algorithm takes away a lot of manual work. This way you can focus on your client needs.

3D Scan Auto-optimize

No need to use 3rd-party software to clean and optimize your 3D scans. We provide you an all-in-one solution.

Easily Adjust a Corrected 3D Scan

After the software optimized the scan it is possible to adjust the proposal according to the client's needs.

Production Facility

With our years of expertise we can provide you with high quality orthosis.

Export your optimized 3D scan

We provide a complete solution, but if you need the Optimized scan you can export this from our system.

Full control over all design aspects

We provide you with a perfect orthosis, but you can modify all the design aspects of the orthosis.

Reduce turnaround time

Casting a body part takes a lot of time, by using one of our 3D scanning solutions and designing digitally your orthosis can be disigned and ready for production within a couple of minutes.

Full system: Scan, design, order

A complete solution is important to have a good procesflow and to guarantee the quality you want.

Export orthosis to STL possible

We love to provide a complete solution, but sometimes with high demand of orthosis you print your orthosis in-house. Design the orthosis and export the file for printing.

Step by step process

Our user friendly software guides you in the process from A-Z.


Orthosis Software

Scan. Correct.Most Popular

  • Correction Raw 3D scan
  • Export Auto-optimized model

Scan. Correct. Design. Export.Most Popular

  • Correction Raw 3D Scan
  • Design Orthosis
  • Export 3D Designed Orthosis

Scan. Correct. Design. Order.Most Popular

  • Scan correction
  • Design Orhosis
  • Order Hand or Wrist Orthosis


Frequent Questions

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Take a look at the answers to the frequently asked questions about our Orthosis Software

Is your question not listed? Feel Free to contact us and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

We support the most common industry standard extensions like STL, OBJ and WRL. The most software used with the Structure Sensor or hand scanners can export to these file extensions. Contact us for more information about our iPad App and directly import your client scans into our software.

We have tested different materials for years and came to the conclusion to use different material for different stiffness. In our software you can select different stiffness when ordering your orthoses.

The software is suitable for small and large companies that want to register the orthoses digitally. It is possible to find a partner for the production yourself or to have it outsourced to Artus3D. We produce your products in high quality as a reliable partner.